What is Key to Your Business Freedom?

It is the clarity and confidence you currently need to make informed decisions for the future.




Entrepreneurs are storytellers.

You are narrating your services as well as yourself through your business. Tell your clients a story! Capture their interest with a narrative of your expertise, services, and business by developing a story plot and characters.

For instance, the setting is your business. The scribe responsible for recording descriptions of transactions is your bookkeeper. Your accountant acts as editor reviewing and consolidating information. Most importantly, however, is the main character – you, the entrepreneur! Your role is responsible for the creation, publication and promotion of your financial story.

Essentially, your financial records tell the story of your business by building a financial vision, plan, and culture:

  • You interpret important information for making good decisions.
  • You enthusiastically narrate your story by communicating and engaging employees, managers and customers.
  • You craft attractive and sustainable deal structures for partners and investors.
  • You are cognizant of the audience engaging your story.
  • You track and control the flow of your business narrative by maintaining a financial culture that empowers people and seeks to eradicate error, theft and fraud.
  • You are able to defend your story when the time comes for you to command higher valuations from partners, investors, lenders and buyers.

At the conclusion of your story, your role is mastered, and you now facilitate smoother, operational transfers in acquisition scenarios either as a buyer or seller.

Mind you, this is no small order! Building a business story that provides a compelling and honest narrative about you and what you represent and offer to clients can be challenging. This is where we enter the scene and navigate you to a “happily ever after” ending.

If you want to improve by revising your story, you have included the right elements by choosing us.

The Financial CoPilot has created a new philosophy of business management, and through its proven process, The Financial CoPilot will structure your story and enable you to reach your goals quickly while being able to keep more of the money you generate. Essentially, we edit, revise and polish your business, helping you to get it on the “Best Sellers” list.

The Financial CoPilot system will shape your business story and give you what you always dreamed of having: a financial business tale where the main character and affiliates live happily ever after!