About The Financial CoPilot

With The Financial CoPilot, your business feeds your creativity as you build your success. In fact, your business tells your success story!

You will transition from being a business that is financially literate to one whose finances become increasingly sophisticated as you and your business prosper. Your methods for growing, payment, engaging investors and transforming your business into an asset will become superior. The Financial CoPilot teaches business and financial literacy in a way that is intuitive and relevant through easy-to-use online courses and personal training. If your business has fewer than 50 people (and you are not a CPA), then the online course is definitely for you!

Unique Position

As the marketplace for financial services becomes both crowded and fragmented, The Financial CoPilot maintains a unique position:

  • The Financial CoPilot is customized to the small-business segment where personal touch is paramount.
  • Its The CashFlow Multiplier Course has over 12 hours of recorded material and exercises, and provides hands-on, management-oriented instruction on how to leverage the financial management of your business allowing your team to focus on core competencies.
  • The Financial CoPilot programs liberate resources allowing you to apply them strategically – one of the key value propositions for outsourcing.
  • The Financial CoPilot provides crucial insights for top-line performance results rather than simply focusing on the operational savings that typical outsourcing provides.
  • The Financial CoPilot gives more than an economy of scale by reconfiguring your resources.

The Financial CoPilot knows what it takes and is equipped to handle a wide variety of corporate needs.

Created by Hugh O. Stewart, The Financial CoPilot is a brand owned by Carolina Private Financial Corporation. Its team works virtually to assist you in financial literacy and services. Clients include PDP Publishing, The Speaking Empire, Robert G. Allen and Persona Marketing.

Exacting Attention

The Financial CoPilot’s work is thorough and exacting. The firm builds a custom list of deliverables for each client’s needs. Once it has identified your necessities, The Financial CoPilot standardizes the process. A high-order attention to detail is the cornerstone of financial success.

The Financial CoPilot understands and empathizes with business needs at all levels because it has gleaned its knowledge from ground-up experience. The Financial CoPilot can provide personal and professional insights that enable you to live anywhere. It helps you to make better decisions and enhances the growth of your business.

*The Financial CoPilot is operated by Carolina Private Financial Corporation located in North Carolina.