The Cash Flow Multiplier Course™

If you want to…

  • Know exactly where you are in your business at any point in time.
  • Make confident, well-informed business decisions that positively impact your bottom line.
  • Foster a culture of performance with your employees.
  • Garner the confidence of your partners, stakeholders and investors.
  • Protect your financial system from errors, theft and fraud.
  • Know how to get the maximum valuation for your company.

Then, it’s time you stepped up to master your own financial story, before it’s too late!

Making Your Financial Story as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Too often, business owners let their bookkeeper or accountant dictate their business’s financial story. If you let this happen, you’ll significantly reduce your power to protect your own interests, and you lose sight of maximizing cash flow.

In this course for business owners, The CashFlow Multiplier™ course, we make it easy for any business owner to understand and write their own business financial story – even if you’ve never understood the slightest thing about accounting.

With the easy to follow 7-stage system of writing your own financial story, you will remedy the weaknesses where you are losing cash, and maximize your cash flow with the same amount of business you’re currently doing.

What this ultimately leads to is more cash at hand for investment, training, operations or simply to disburse to yourself or your investors.

With no number crunching, no complicated jargon, The Cash Flow Multiplier™ course is easy to understand. It’s just straight up information that impacts you beyond your bottom line. We want you to maximize your cash flow and protect your business from error, theft and fraud.

You own and run a successful business.

But with limited time, money and resources, you have the difficult job of deciding which actions and decisions will most effectively help your business move forward (without losing your personal freedom and sanity).

If only you had a “magical informant” that could give you the accurate, timely and meaningful data you need to make better business decisions and execute effective actions that impact more than just the bottom line.

With The Cash Flow Multiplier™ course, you do have a magical informant that…

  • Reveals exactly which actions in your business create money, and how you can do more of it.
  • Creates tangible incentives and a culture of performance that has your employees excited to make more money for you (and hopefully themselves).
  • Gives you an exact picture of where your business stands in assets and liabilities, so you can make informed business decisions in real time and avoid making decisions that you may not know that you cannot afford.
  • Analyzes your business performance so you can do what you love most and use your best talents to grow your business.
  • Detects and prevents error, theft or fraudman_with_binocular
  • Fixes cash leaks in your system to prevent cash flow problems.
  • Maximizes your cash flow and available cash with the same amount of business you’re currently doing (yes, without having to increase sales).
  • Helps you avoid business failure even when the reports show profit.
  • Helps you avoid tax problems, expensive audits and painful penalties.
  • Monitors your operational checks and balances so you have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.
  • Powerfully communicates to your investors or stakeholders to garner their confidence and continuing support.
  • Ethically presents your business in the best light to get the maximum valuation from someone looking to buy your business.

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