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Partnership Planning Made Fair

Whe you started your business with your partner, you likely borrowed money, designed the product, sacrificed time with your family, sacrificed your health and paid your vendors and employees before you paid yourself. You did this with the intention of making it someday.

When the money started rolling in, you realized that your partner did not do, sacrifice, or risk nearly as much as you did, but gets paid the same as you do. Now your relationship is strained, you don't talk to each other anymore, and legal action is looming. You now stand on the brink of disaster.

Crafting Your Partnership

I'm going to show you how to craft and structure your partnership in a fair and equitable way, and it's not likely to be 50/50. The way you create and structure your partnership is very different from any arrangement you may have seen before. And I am going to meticulously show you every last detail of how to create a partnership that you will all be happy with.

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  • 2 recorded virtual training sessions with Hugh where he'll show you exactly what to do to craft a fair partnership
  • LIFETIME access to the training and new modules so you can use it with your partner
  • The FPEF Calculator to help you figure out the details of compensation based on each parties' contribution - Alone, a $597 Value! 
  • The tools you'll need to transform your existing partnership into something you'll be proud of, a partnership that is fair and considers all contribution
  • Details on how to conduct the difficult conversations with your partners that allow you to both walk away with resolution
  • A guide on how to create the powerful narrative that will help you be proud of your partnership again

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I look forward to personally guiding you through creating a partnership that gives you peace of mind and a path to creating great business and relationships.


Hugh Stewart